Memoirs of a Murderer

Memoirs of a Murderer

Father what’s the issue with your children

They’re acting like they’re convinced that I won’t fucking kill them

They act like I’m like them and I’m not one in a billion

I am the devil’s son I have no fucking feelings

Your skin tightens up at the sight of a killing

My conscience has given up saying how I should be living

And I know I need to change and I’m ready god willing

But I gave more than I took I only took the cards they were dealing


Would you kill

You say you can you say you will

Are you real

Are you ready for that cage of cold steel

[Verse 2: David Gunn]

My soul is scattered across the streets of my city it’s in pieces

It’s fed upon by roaches and the rats and the leeches

I’ve participated in murder its left me sleepless

So I put my hands together I kneel and I pray to Jesus

You should pray too

Pray that this jams up cuz I’ve done this before I don’t clam up

Get on the floor put your motherfuckin hands up

God make room I’m about to send a man up

Murder Murder Murder

Album Memoirs of a Murderer


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